At Least Monday is Over

Not sure why I’m standing straight in this photo but the room is all tilted.

Still. At least Monday is over. The start of an entire five-day week! Not too bad. Got some stuff done, worked on the school – (I actually finished ALL of the assignments – I didn’t have to not do one of them so that I could sleep – of course, that doens’t mean that the quality is there, but that doesn’t matter in this class ’cause I’ve been turning in garbage and still getting high marks.)

The weekend… Oh man. We ate some awesomely good food… and then there was the impressively bad food that we had at The Albert down the street from us here in Inman Park. Maybe we ordered the wrong stuff – who knew – but seriously, if you’re going to have “wok seared green beans” at all on your menu – maybe you should make them NOT SUCK. How about try to make them better than the “WORST EVER” – because ya know what? As Leah described them, “They tasted like someone let a bag of frozen green beans sit out on the counter all day, microwaved them until they were soft and limp and generally disgusting, put them in a bowl, poured cheap ‘Hong Kong Glaze’ on them, and served them up.”

Oh. My picture here makes them look much better than they actually were:

But that was Leah’s food. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. Expecting something awesomely delicious – I got some pretty awful stuff. Alright, to be fair it wasn’t as bad as Leah’s green beans – but it seriously, how do you screw up a grilled cheese sandwich? First – no cheddar option. Lame. So I took American Cheese – there was still a chance it could be good. But then they put it on bad wheat bread (wheat bread can work – but not this stuff) and then worse… they didn’t butter the sides. Okay. I know I know. It’s not healthy by any stretch of the imagination – but it’s like some sort of required rule that you butter the sides of the bread. It just makes the grilled cheese sandwich better – otherwise it sucks. Highly disappointing venture down to The Albert all around. Too bad really, ’cause we wanted to like the place.

Time for a yawn….*yawns*

For breakfast on Sunday – we went to Alon’s Bakery up the street on Highland. Great times! We weren’t in the mood for a heavy southern breakfast so we got pastries. A cinnamon twist, a chocolate danish and a cheese danish. Theirs are quite awesome and really… you can’t go wrong with anything from Alon’s.

I’m working on something top secret and I hope to be able to spill the beans sometime soon. But until then, only my LJ friends know.

So. To round out our weekend of bad bad bad eating – we walked down to Little Five Points and decided to try our luck at The Euclid Ave Yacht Club (bar). THIS was everything we had hope the Albert would be. It was just a gazillion times better. They were out of vege-burgers so Leah ended up getting the same thing I ordered – a grilled cheese sandwich! And guess what – they freakin did it RIGHT. No wheat bread option here – Texas Toasts! and buttered sides. That alone makes everything better – AND THEN they actually had a Cheddar option!. FTW bitches! Yeah. + cheap beer + good fries and the Yacht Club wins. Plus – the walk to the Yacht Club is level and flat – whereas the Albert is downhill one way, and then steep coming back up.

(We like the sidewalks here.)

(See, we were just really disappointed and annoyed with the Albert. And now, for a few days, everyone and anyone looking them up on Google will click on our blog and us saying bad things about them.)

I mean, look at that. It’s just golden and brilliant and full of love. You can imagine the buttered bread and cheese melting in your mouth. In comparison, the one up above just looks like it’ll scratch and be cold and not like the grilled cheese sandwiches your father made when you were a kid (’cause it was the only thing he knew how to make really well.) Sure there’s that attachment to childhood foods – but those are the best kinds of food memories and that’s why we love the simple stuff and when someone screws it up – it annoys us/me even more.

And you’d think that we were done eating that day – but no, we’re over achievers in the food department. We capped everything off with an instantly gratifying but later-on-sick-to-our-stomachs ice cream from Cold Stone at Edgewood. Leah had cookie dough ice cream with peanut butter cups and I had cheesecake ice cream with butterfinger smashed in. Awesome at the time. Sick later on when we were trying to go to sleep. And so concludes our awesome food weekend – and today began our much more refrained and even somewhat healthy beginning to eating food – again. Sure why not. Just for fun.

I’m just happy that I actually finished all of my school work tonight. Amazing.

Tomorrow? Tuesday. Just think. Four more days of awesome.

6 thoughts on “At Least Monday is Over

  1. Can I request more pictures of the adorable One-Two and Three-Four? They are certainly adorable.
    And would you mind mailing me the second grilled cheese, please? Kthxbai.

  2. I had a similarly disappointing meal at The Albert. It was brunch and involved some potatoes that I don’t think had any seasoning at all. That place is always jumpin, tho! Maybe better to hit up The Albert strictly for a pint?

    Oooh and yes! Yacht Club! I love that place! Their food is great and I love when we can snag a seat by the window to peoplewatch. Corner Tavern has really good food, too!

  3. Hey mister- you forgot to mention the seriously awesome grilled broccoli I had at Euclid Ave Yacht Club! Man, that was the best part of the meal. Fo Shizzle.

    Mmm, I’m hungry and I want to eat. RIGHT NOW.

    And I promise to post with super-cute kitty pics tonight. Yes indeed.

  4. word. it ain’t grilled cheese without buttered sides of the bread. and both sides (in and out) if you are really serious.

    those sidewalks remind me of the museum/rice u. district in Houston…all bumpy and uneven..not a level surface to be found.

    and if everything were to somehow fall apart for you career wise ..I have the weirdest feeling you’d make it HUGE in food photography 🙂

  5. Wow, for yucky food, the pictures sure are gorgeous! I was showing a coworker this blog yesterday afternoon and we got to this food post and she had to walk away ’cause it was making her STARVING! Everything looks so yum. I love the Yacht Club, but those sidewalks are hell, I think. It’s because those old tree roots have pushed up all those funky octagonal (are they eight-sided?) concrete stones, and it’s like hiking through the woods or something instead of walking on a city sidewalk. I lived on Alta Ave back in the ’80s. Crazy, huh? Yeah. I am in love with your cats. 🙂

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