Ready for the onslaught? I love our kitties!

Haha – We stuck a dangle-feather-toy on the window with a suction cup and the ferocious OneTwo ripped it down in a matter of seconds. Rawrrrrrr! What a tough lil Mama’s Boy he is.

Hmm, I just realized that most of these photos are of OneTwo. ThreeFour, we need more pics of you! He’s a bit more independent than OneTwo, but he still needs his lovins, and he can be quite photogenic. Let me dig up an old photo…

Aw, there’s my handsome little man. He loves looking out the window so much that if we don’t keep at least one of the blinds raised slightly, he will climb through them so he can have an unobstructed view. At our old place, we had plastic taped over most of the windows, and he would chew/claw a corner open so that he could hop behind it and sit on the window sill, happy as a clam.

Okay, sorry to those of you out there who don’t like cats. Maybe now you do! Honestly, I was NOT a cat person until I moved in with these guys. They’ve certainly won me over. More than that, really. I just love them to pieces and I can’t imagine our little family without them.

7 Replies to “Cat Attack!

  1. Cute kitties! We have to do the exact same thing with the blinds for our girls: Electra and Scully. It is worth noting that those who don’t like cats are the ones who have never had the pleasure of living with one. Thanks for the great post!

  2. i will say that i’ve lived with some cats i have definitely not liked. so, there’s that…
    onetwo and threefour are the best and i lurv ’em like roo. and roo loves ’em, too. awweeeawaw

  3. Awwwww, they are so sweet! I remember Mark posting a picture of you sleeping with them on your old sofa – confession, I saved it to my hard drive I liked it so much. 🙂

    Do you call them by any nicknames, like “One” or “Three”?

  4. Haha, we never call them One or Three, but we call them “puppy” sometimes cuz they act like dogs a lot. When I talk to them, I usually just say “Okay, boys!…” Or “Hey buddy/sweetie/kittykitty/etc.”

  5. I call my cats ‘the girls’, and I call my cat Gladys a puppy too, because she definitely acts like a dog. She even fetches, or used to – she’s getting old and a bit senile, but in a good way. 🙂

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