Cat Attack!

Ready for the onslaught? I love our kitties! Haha – We stuck a dangle-feather-toy on the window with a suction cup and the ferocious OneTwo ripped it down in a matter of seconds. Rawrrrrrr! What a tough lil Mama’s Boy he is. Hmm, I just realized that most of these photos are of OneTwo. ThreeFour, […]

Mi Barrio Mexican Cantina/Restaurant

Mi Barrio Mexican Cantina in Grant Park, on Memorial Ave., across from Oakland Cemetery and down the street from Six Feet Under – truly has some of the best, home-made/authentic SouthWest Mexican food in Atlanta. The GOOD stuff that you would have at any family gathering if you have any hispanic heritage in ya, and live in Arizona, […]

Monday Night Genius (meandering)

So while Leah is at the hospital waiting for her mother to get out of knee surgery and generally making sure she’s alright – I’m at home – or rather, I’m at Dancing Goats Coffee bar just around the corner from our house. It’s too hot in our house to really stay there (unless I […]