Mi Barrio Mexican Cantina in Grant Park, on Memorial Ave., across from Oakland Cemetery and down the street from Six Feet Under – truly has some of the best, home-made/authentic SouthWest Mexican food in Atlanta. The GOOD stuff that you would have at any family gathering if youhave any hispanicheritage in ya,and live in Arizona, New Mexico or Texas. Well – actually what you have here is a better version of the good junk you can get at any of the ‘-Bertos’*Mexican food shacks back in Arizona.

And the rambling begins.

If you have only one cat, I kind of understand letting it go out and about outdoors. Especially if you’re not home all day, or just too busy to hang out with your cat all day. It kind of comes back to having only one pet (cat or dog) that you leave at home all day alone. It’s just kind of sad. Especially when you could get two and then they could at least entertain each other when they wanted to, as opposed to one pet just zoning out on nothing – unless they actually like to be completely alone. I just think about if we only had one cat and not two – but I’m just going on about nothing really because some pets, just like people, want to live alone.

But for the sociable ones, like our cats – being alone all the time would suck. Especially since our cats actually like each other (most of the time) and play and fight and sleep next to/on top of each other/with us. But what am I going on about? I don’t know, I’m just waiting for the laundry to finish.

Warm, golden chips + good salsa are a requirement for a good Mexican restaurant right? – even if we try to not eat them – when you get a bad set of chips or salsa before you meal, it just starts everything off on the wrong foot.

I know we mention some blog(gers) quite regularly, so I figure today I’ll mention our friend YogaGirl! She used to work hardkore in a lab and then she started teaching yoga/fitness part time and then she quit her lab job and became a master instructor of all things fitness-class. I ‘met’ her while she still lived in Houston and then she moved to Oregon a few years ago with her husband where they do A LOT of house remodeling – so much so that her blog is about half fitness and then half HGTV. Still. I’ve known her since back when I had a blog @ blog-city.com, and then through all of my different incarnations of MarkRoX. Fortunately, she’s relatively slow to update her links and she kept me listed during the months(years) where I would stop blogging and just kind of do nothing online or off. (Is there life offline?)

So. I’ve been in school for a while now (this round) and I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of pulling an ‘all-nighter’ and how, I haven’t done one of those this time around. I mean, sure I’ll stay up late to finish a paper, or the ‘participation posts’ (it’s online school – and um, well, it’s at least a degree) but I haven’t had to pull an all-nighter. I suppose that’s because I also don’t have real tests. They’re all take home. So there’s no need to really ‘study’ in the same manner. And even then, everything else? It’s just measuring the hit I’ll take (10 points off for each day late) and how much I’d rather be sleeping – mostly when it gets past midnight, sleeping is worth more since I still have to go to work the next morning.

My Chimichanga (and I know, they don’t really have these things in Mexico – but thank god they do in the border states – because damn, a fried burrito? Genius.

I LOVE the fact that I finally bought a replacement laptop battery for my larger HP laptop – now it functions as a laptop again and I can take it places since the battery holds a charge now. Now if I could only get the USB ports repaired and actually connect things to it…

*-Bertos’ mexican food shacks are these things we have in Arizona where basically, you take some sort of small rundown food spot (often times in a strip mall) – add a window for people to walk up or drive up to and order – and just keep it open 24 hours day, serving the largest burritos possible and other magical mexican foods back in the hole of a kitchen that barely passes the health inspections – and the food is probably better for it. Of course, you don’t have to listen to us, remember we LOVE street food and everything that that entails (the mystery, the dirty, and the fact that many people won’t touch the stuff.) Oh, and they all have a naming convention of where, you can choose anything you want in front of the ‘Bertos part, but you MUST have the Bertos in the name. Some examples are FiliBertos, RigoBertos, JuanoBertos, MarkRoXBertos…

We have boxes, and now we’re fighting the urge to just let a Sunday afternoon slowly ease away like it should – without too much trouble or work… but we all know that’s not what we should do. So. Like the list has been saying to us for the past week – Laundry, Packing, Cleaning, Packing, Homework, Packing.

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  1. yep 🙂 that’s me..slow to update my links. hey at least it kept track of you. so happy you two are engaged now. I remember at markrox how everybody had nicknames. funny how I still refer to Leah in my head as “nonprofit”. thanks for the shoutout !!!!

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