Last Thursday after getting home and then taking a short nap on the floor, Leah woke me up so we could go to an art gallery showing @ Dresscodes, the clothing boutique owned/operated by our friends Karen & Brett. They have an art showing about every few months with a new artist each time. We haven’t been to one since the first one but this one definitely had many more people and it was a lot of fun to stop by, check things out, and catch up with the two of them. As usual, the clothes are fun to look through and they also have some cool accessories and hard to find jeans and um, other things I mentioned in the first post about them that night we had dinner together.

These are always nice ’cause like any art showing, they have free beer (or wine) and cheese and crackers! Okay. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much to get excited about, but Free is FREE! And I’m always in a good mood for free alright?

Karen is the one in Blue and Brett is over there with the polka dot hat on.


Afterwards, we went across the street and had some thai food @ Amaryn’s – it’s decent enough there with no real surprises, but it’s our default place lately when we don’t feel like thinking. Still, rarely do we get all out disappointed.

Just a few more days house sitting @ the big house. Good. Great.

Mi Barrio last night and Highland Bakery for breakfast today. The Good Food Never Stops Here.