So while Leah is at the hospital waiting for her mother to get out of knee surgery and generally making sure she’s alright – I’m at home – or rather, I’m at Dancing Goats Coffee bar just around the corner from our house.

It’s too hot in our house to really stay there (unless I wanna hangout all night in the bedroom – but there’s no cable tv in there) so I’m out and about for a quick hour to cool off before I get back and hangout with One-Two and Three-Four.

Plus, I made this genius break through in some production metrics/trend forecasts that I’m building – so I feel all genius now – but that’s one of things I really like about my job – they let me make these things that allow me to feel genius (even if they’re actually elementary concepts in my statistics class – but the application to real life is sometimes trickier than text book.

Yesterday, we had a good Sunday morning breakfast on the patio of this place:

It’s actually across the street from where I sit now at Dancing Goats and just next door to Watershed. But we went there for one reason and one reason alone – they have beignets. Again, there are a few places here in Atlanta that do a decent job of making them while there are none in Phoenix (I’ll stop bashing the food scene in Phoenix someday – I will…)

Everyone keeps saying they’re like square donuts…but they’re better. They look like this:

Well, that’s what they look like after I bite into one. They actually looked like this on the plate:

According to Leah, these were pretty good beignets – that’s chocolate sauce there, but just think if they had Nutella! That would’ve rocked even more – but no.

We also had a crepe/omlette which was quite nice – and even though clouds started rolling in – it didn’t start raining so they kept it a little cooler than it otherwise would have been. Everyone that morning was out on the tiny patio with us, watching the people walk by with their dogs.

No, we have a question for anyone in Atlanta out there reading this (come on! both of you!) – we always see a huge line outside of Taqueria Del Sol – and the place isn’t small so there’s a good amount of seating, but people STILL pack this place and line up outside – why? We’ve seen the menu and it’s… alright, it doesn’t even really have that many options. What’s so great about this small chain of mexican restaurants?

Oh. Last night we also met up with Leah’s friend Lauren – she’s the Maid of Honor in our wedding and we got together to go over wedding stuff like dresses and junk – so you know I was totally, totally… semi bored.

See how intensely they’re studying that wedding magazine? Ha! Well. It was still nice to see Lauren (she lives up in the crazy city of Baltimore) ’cause she’s quite awesome – like all of our friends that we hang out with.

And still – new class starts tomorrow, more school, and I think I’m going to need to double up my schedule so I can finish sooner. Couple that with my semi-lousy attempts at learning Chinese + Business Analysis junk I’m trying to learn for work + moving + working out (so i don’t get huge from all of this food we keep taking pictures of) + saving money… and ummm… well at least we take lots of pictures so that we can remember everything we’re doing.

Actually – we’ll be honest with you… WE LOVEOUR BLOG. Seriously. We’re this blog’s biggest fans! Every morning it’s like… let’s update ourselves on our own lives ’cause man, we do fun things! – and I don’t always remember what we did until I check our blog and it REMINDS us! You’d think that it wasn’t US who was doing all this stuff.

But it IS nice to have even the small post with the photos – because I have hundreds of photos that I rarely look at in the files on my computer and for many of them, I don’t get the same feeling/experience/nostalgia as I do from even the short time that we’ve been posting on here… hey, it’s kind of like that effect that you get from having a j0urnal eh?

Brilliant. AND we even post practically everyday – much to the dismay of casual readers who visit once a week and have 9 entries with 8 photos each stretching their browser window down about 10 feet. Of course if you simply subscribed to our RSS feed your life would be that much simpler – just give in – do it! 🙂 No really, we’re amazed that anyone’s signed up, and to them we thank you! Because ummm.. it’s fun? Well, clearly this isn’t a proper blog that’ll attract thousands of hits a day since most of the time we just post what we do – but again, we’re happy that our Friends and good acquaintances read – and we read their blogs. So if you have a blog that we read – keep writing and do it often gosh.

Still. It’s Monday night, the house is a mess and I need to clean up. Four more days until the weekend but I have a feeling this week is about to go really fast… not sure why, and maybe I’m wrong, but maybe I’m right!

It was my brother Ryan’s birthday yesterday. He turned 26 – AND he finally got on Facebook! Now I can… aw nevermind, I don’t really use facebook. This picture was earlier this year when it snowed here in Atlanta. Like my hat? It’s Leah’s.

And now.. I have to get back to the h0use and AT LEAST wash the dishes – so here are some pictures of One-Two and then Three-Four. They’re the best giant house cats we could’ve ever asked for.

4 Replies to “Monday Night Genius (meandering)

  1. LOL – I’ve been on ur RSS for a while now and it’s STILL a lot to keep up with! Keep it coming!!!

    I was telling Terry yesterday how I would love to be as well documented as you and Leah are – make sure you backup your WPdb!!!!

  2. I love the Leah and Mark blog too! It’s nice to love one’s own blog – it makes the blog more fun to read if the writer(s) love it. And the RSS feed on LJ is the best. I syndicate all my favorite blogs so I can read them on the LJ.

    I also love the result of all the gentrification in Decatur. It’s so cute now. Or cool maybe. I wish I could live and work intown, but alas, I cannot, so it’s slummy southeast Marietta for me. Cheap melting pot with occasional shootings. Never a dull moment, but you wouldn’t want to actually “walk around”.

    Um, Taqueria del Sol gets good press, and frequent press. Maybe it’s cheap? People like cheap food. Maybe it’s filling? Filling and cheap is always good. I’ve never eaten there, but Creative Loafing’s Cliff Bostock writes about it fairly often.

    Keep up the good blogging! (looking forward to wedding dress pictures… or will we have to wait ’til after the big day?)

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