What Three Months Can Mean | by +Jo

Apply for Season [Gold Lion] of Our Photography Internship. {text and images by +jo}   Three months. A lot can happen in three months. For the past seven years my life has been defined by three month {10 week} increments. Even after I graduated from SCAD – things still continued to flow in and out […]

2011 Year in Review | Atlanta | Photographer | Photos | Weddings | LeahAndMark.com


– Posted by Mark 2011 has been really great and we were fortunate to make some really great photos. When you start as a photographer as I did – with no real training, and having never attended photography school – you really don’t know what you’ll end up shooting. Even more so – you have […]


one path | +Jo

-Posted by +Jo Around here everyone is self taught. You pick up, shoot and figure everything out along the way. It’s just how it’s done. It’s even a selling point for Leah and Mark that they didn’t go to an art school to learn about photography. That makes it all the more impressive. There have […]

Ymail? El Myr.

I signed up for a Ymail account (Yahoo’s new email system that’s supposed to be cool? awesome?) – I don’t really know what I’ll use it for since ummmm… since I have like 10 email addresses, all signed-up for various things that I no longer care for. But still. The chance to have another ‘MarkRoX@domain.com’ […]

At Least Monday is Over

Not sure why I’m standing straight in this photo but the room is all tilted. Still. At least Monday is over. The start of an entire five-day week! Not too bad. Got some stuff done, worked on the school – (I actually finished ALL of the assignments – I didn’t have to not do one […]