Friday the 13th Drive-Improv

Last night after dinner we made our way over to The Basement Theater for their… Friday night Drive-Improv! The nights’ movie was Friday the 13th (appropriately) and basically, the idea is Mystery Science Theater 3000 – without the puppetry- and Live. Fortunately, the people with the mics are pretty funny and that + alcohol makes for a really good time for the entrance fee of only $5.00 (they sell drinks but then it’s also BYOB! – and oh, Adam & Gretchen brought big coolers full of beer & wine.) Oh. And a group of Yelpers were also there. Sorry for the grainy low-light-ness of these indoor shots. (Notice the S’more-tini there that Leah’s drinking.)

So. Who knew that Friday the 13th (the original!) was so funny. I mean, I kind of understood how BAD it was – but that’s different from being Hilarious + alcohol fueled audience energy = and well… if we were worried about it not being funny, we didn’t have to worry at all once the movie started. However, as fun as it was to watch the movie, I got the best pictures outside with the mannequin.

And now… let’s get to theum, otherones.

Hahaha. See Lauren there trying to edge out of the shot – there’s no escaping my camera! AND Finally –

Sadly, Kit here is the reason for my most “popular” photo on Flickr that got me on Explorer AND garnered the most views and comments – out of all nearly 2,500 photos… this one is my most ‘popular’ shot. Here for the comments on this photo.

So yeah. That was fun.

It’s Saturday! Lots of supposed cleaning may go on (highly unlikely) since we’re moving in 3 weeks. Plus I have homework, plus we need to go to the mall apparently, plus regular work (leftover stuff I need to get done), plus workout! (since ya know, all this food adds up on the inside and then the outside!) So have a great day and see us again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Drive-Improv

  1. Hey, there’s Jane and Bill in some of these shots. They tried to get us to go out to this event, but we were tired, lazy lumps.

  2. Oh you guys all look like you are having so much fun!! Wish I was there.. and that house you are housesitting.. oh lord..a chef’s dream! Stay cool- Can’t wait to head off to Phoenix on Friday!!

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