My allergies really kicked me in the face today. From the moment I woke up until even now – just sneezing, nose running, itchy roof of my mouth… and then the general haze that accompanies being congested, let alone taking allergy medicine. Part of the problem is that I took it too late in the day (a few hours after waking up.) I need to take it as soon as I wake up so that the faucet of snot that is my nose, never turns ON. Because once it turns on, the only medicine that seems to work also makes me drowsy – the non drowsy stuff won’t stop the onslaught of nasal fluid, and it laughs at the strongest decongestant I can take at that point.

So. We signed up on twitter (a while ago) but never really ever posted messages until now. However… over the past two days, and after actually ‘following’ a group of people we know in real life – it’s more interesting. So. Hey, follow us and whatever else you call it on twitter – our name is of course, LeahAndMark. We also signed up on plurk – another micro-blogging type of system – except you sit on it all day long and have conversations? I don’t know. I tried it this week and it seemed like A LOT more effort than twitter. So we’ll see how that goes.

We cooked up some gyoza (jiaozi in Chinese) here at the house sitting kitchen. They came out pretty good… of course we cheated but still… making them from scratch would be… well, the only thing we really make from complete scratch is anything that Leah feels like baking. Still – they were good and we’ll probably have some tomorrow night when our friends Rick & Amanda come over for some dinner, some Wii, and whatever else we can dig up to do for a few hours before Monday arrives the next morning.

And still.. have a great night.

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  1. What is pure orange used for? Does it smell like orange? What great gyoza’ dish up a nice pre-made gyoza! I say you kids need to host a house-warming party.. we’ll help you stock your bar..and whatever else you need!!

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