Let’s just accept the fact that today wasn’t the most healthy day in our food history so far. Granted, we’ve eaten lots of fried food and stuff that is generally considered ‘bad’ – but for some reason I put pizza that is not home made, and Chinese food from Panda Express in the same do-not-touch zones as say, McDonald’s or any other fast food chain. I/we just consider them worse, even if mathematically/calorie-wise, they are not. (Did you know that McDonald’s owns Chipotle?)

And while it may seem like all we ever do is post photos of food (and you’d be close to correct!), we do post photos of other things ya know?… AND food. But still, I have to admit, it gets rough to find subject matter during the week. Yet we eat Everday so that’s an easy topic to get into.

Currently, we’re spending every other night @ the site we’re house sitting at in Inman Park. An old home built at the turn of the 20th century (1900’s for you kids who don’t know any better.) Sadly, this house is over 100 years old and has central air – while ours, has none. Also, this house has a monster kitchen.

Sadly (okay not really) this was breakfast – fluffy eggs & cheese on an asiago bagel. I wouldn’t say it was bad – because it was great!

Aha! The flickr photo editor is working again so I can show this photo of the kitchen now –

Those are the big doors to the fridge and the freezer on the left – then the gas stove top/oven/convection oven/grill – I also like the overhead superfan to pull away all the smoke when I let the oil heatup in the wok too fast and burn! But there is a lot of room, and like I said in an earlier post – nearly every utensil and spice you would ever need to cook something – plus the woman of the house has a lot of asian cook books – so she also has quite the spice collection.

In fact, Leah cooked these for breakfast yesterday. Blueberry muffins and they were obviously quite good. Hopefully we’ll find the budget to cook some more things and just use this kitchen as much as we can while we’re here. Oh, we’re also trying to gather some friends for a little get together this weekend, pot luck style – yes, a small group hanging out in this big house with the 20 foot high ceilings. I’ll take some photos during the day when the light is better and then post them – right now we’ve just been getting here too late and at night so it’s all indoor lighting and the shots just aren’t working out.

Oh, we met with a possible DJ for our wedding – it looks good so soon that’ll be one less thing to worry about.

The weekend is almost here.

4 Replies to “All Out Food

  1. Wow, that kitchen is beautiful!!! If I had a stove/oven like that I wouldn’t leave the house for any restaurant food! McDonalds owns Chipotle? I learn something new everything. For some reason I’ve never been a fan of that place, I prefer California Tortilla or Qdoba.

  2. I need to find an awesome cool, hip, and responsible young couple like yourselves to house(pet) sit when we are away. (( sigh )) I always feel bad asking friends to check in on our dog and can’t fathom the idea of sending him to a concrete dog kennel.

  3. If you fly us out to you, Nichole, we’ll be happy to house/petsit! And enjoy Oregon. Mmmm. Never been.

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