So. We had tickets to this concert down the street but after coming home from work, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go anymore – plus I wasn’t feeling right, even after taking a nap – but instead of wasting the money and just sitting around home we decided to suck it up and get down there. We missed the first act: Kate Voegele but arrived in time for The Veronicas –

The Veronicas

Now, I could make comments on the pop-ness of their music but come on, this was a Natasha Beddingfield concert, it’s not like we were here to see Mars Volta or The Killers. But they had good energy and it was a nice mood changer for the night.

But even with the pick me up – we weren’t in the mood to wrestle with the people down front so we went up to the balcony and found some seats well away from the standing and the heat and the um, sweaty people – which is totally fine when you’re in the mood and it’s a great live band that you’re totally in heat for – but not us, and not last night.

Still. We had a pretty good time – and Natasha actually has a much better voice than I ever thought. Plus, she was really singing all out and going to the limits of her abilities – which is always nice to see since often times… the back up singers are the ones who can REALLY sing, ya know? So that was a nice surprise. Oh, and she’s a GIANT.