Whoa. That was a pretty great weekend. On Sunday we met up with some of Leah’s old friends from high school and went down to the Shakespeare Tavern to watch Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead – it was a pretty good production, but it does get wordy in parts. Still. This was the 3rd play we’ve seen there and it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll have a good time – plus, what’s better than seeing a funny play AND being able to drink beer at the same time? Not much in the world of theater.

Yesterday? Breakfast! And then we met up with the photographer who will most likely be shooting our wedding. Awesome. Breakfast? Not bad. Eggs, Bacon!, pancakes, & griddle grits – I hadn’t ever had them before, but they’re quite good and a nice change from the regular stuff.

Good morning, it’s Tuesday & we’re seeing Natasha Beddingfield tonight down the street. It’s time for some coffee.

It could possibly be a long day. I think I’ll post again.