I saw these the other day on my commute to work – I’m a sucker for advertising that I like. Yes, it’s like taking a photo of a photo.

But Look! She has a PBR Grill!

Our Friends Anna & Chris called us up last night so we could help them with a midnight move – they’ve had trouble with their landlord for a while and it all added up to yesterday – now I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the landlord tried to kick in their door, break security bars, and they filed a police report – needless to say they moved out that night. Leah and I didn’t arrive in time to load everything up, but we helped with the unloading. Oh man. Housing.

It’s Thursday! Leah’s friend Brandy from Phoenix is arriving on Friday for a conference here in town – that’s SO awesome. ‘Cause I know she misses me a whole lot!

What’s this? Thursday? It’s almost the weekend! Good things MUST be on the horizon. Let’s take ’em!