Today we drove up to Flagstaff, Arizona. A small town about 2 hours north of Phoenix and home to Northern Arizona University where my brother is graduating with his Physics degree.

We also met up with my grandparents and their old friend King – they live in Fresno, California and they drive Everywhere. My grandmother is 87 years old and she still looks amazingly young. They actually make it a point to take care of themselves and maintain their health the best they can – they eat right, walk when they can and generally stay as active as much as their bodies allow them. Every year they take a month long road trip around the United States and last year they notified us that they were coming to Atlanta the day before. But that’s how my family is when it comes to travel – plans are hardly ever made more than a week in advance. My grandma is a rockstar.

I was also able to visit my friend Vanessa at StarSux today. She’s the store manager at the one down the street from my parents house so whenever I’m in Phoenix, I make it a point to stop by and visit – and she always writes MarkRoX as my name on the side of the cup. I used to live with Vanessa and work with her while I also worked at Starbucks. I can honestly say that it was one of my most favorite jobs where I had the most fun – until I burned out and just started doing bad things. But still, it’s always nice to visit her. She’s had some… turbulent years but it looks like she’s coming out just great and I hope she really takes advantage of the momentum that she has now. She’ll also be attending our wedding next year in May so it’ll be fun to hang out with her in Atlanta – I’m just so happy with Atlanta in general that it’s like I want to show it off – especially to my friends in Phoenix.

On a side note: We’re staying at the same motel that my high school speech and debate team would stay at whenever we would come up here for a tournament.

It’s been awesome to hangout with everyone, but it’s really nice to see my brother and sister. I’m not the closest with them so it was really great to hangout and talk just the three of us after dinner. These two – they’re quite bright and full of genius. They literally laugh at the GRE math portion – and rightfully since they both received perfect scores on that section – without really studying for it at all. I’m pretty good at math, but they’re hardkore and to easily get a perfect score on such a test – well… that just shows you what level they operate at in that department.

I cannot describe how proud I am to have such smart siblings.

It’s unfortunate that Leah couldn’t come along. I do miss her and this would be that much more fun having her here with us. My grandma was very happy to hear that we’re engaged and getting married.

And now it’s late. I’m up too far and I should’ve gone to sleep – now I’ve screwed up my timezone/jet lag sync even more. But. I have one more thing. As we walked through downtown I saw this hotdog cart – and then I saw some dancing mascots. A mustard and ketchup bottle. So you KNOW I had to go over and get a hotdog. There’s some video here of them dancing – and since I’m slowly practicing my video editing skills – I even added some music you don’t have to listen to the wind noise. Goodnight.

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