I really like flying back to Phoenix. I like visiting this city a lot. While I would probably never choose to live here again, visiting this city and seeing my friends and family again is always a welcomed treat. When you add any feelings of nostalgia, and all of the time I spent growing up here – it turns out to be a really good time for me. Just driving around the loop, seeing the open sky and open desert stretching to the end of horizon – the difference from Georgia is night and day.

And then there’s the heat. Dry when it hits your face, it’s like stepping into an oven where you can see the heat bending light as it moves across the concrete.

After landing and picking up rental car, I met up with my friend Kristen for lunch. She’s a dance instructor here in Phoenix (hip hop, jazz, and nearly everything else except ballet and tap) teaching at studios and schools and now she’s even got her own dance studio starting up. So things are going really well for her. This summer she’s also the director of two high-end dance camps in Colorado and then Lake Tahoe.

I remember how just a few years ago we were both out of work and basically really poor. Around the same time period, on one of our monthly dinners at Five & Diner, I was maxed out on credit cards with no cash, and she didn’t have enough to cover my half of the meal either. SO. She left me there and went and got money from her dad at his place – mind you, we were already in our early 20’s at this time so it’s not like we were jobless high school kids. So yeah. It’s been a nice change to see both of us keep making progress as far as jobs/money/career. And I’m really happy to see that her dance/instructor/owner career is starting to gain momentum. – For classes and information about lessons – Click Here – SixStepDanceCompany.