LOOONG day of Travel, but all of it pretty exciting.

-As far as that 14 hour flight to Korea – I have never watched so many movies in a row – I think I saw four while drifting in an out of sleep. We stayed up late the night before to hopefully help the jet lag transition, so we were tired a few hours after boarding.

The Flight was great, and long, and there’s more to say but what was really awesome was seeing Leah in action! We got off of our airport shuttle bus and then needed a taxi to get to our hostel. The Red Lantern hostel here in town. But the taxi drivers were trying to rip us off, saying that it cost more if you’re traveling at night – whatever. So we started walking away.

That’s when this bicycle rickshaw pulls up, and after some negotiation, Leah agrees to 20 Yuan for both of us – but the ends up not knowing exactly how far away it is and we end up paying 20 each instead – but the ride was much better than a regular taxi! Here’s a short video through one of the alleys and then onto a main street alongside with cars. – This was shot from my Canon Powershot A570IS – a regular camera with video capability so the quality is um. Awesome!

Also, sorry about the wind noise.

We also met a woman and her daughter who were from Maine and had been here for about six weeks – they had a great time and it was nice getting first hand updating accounts of a recent travel in the country. She covered most of the areas that we’ll going to through.

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