Ok! We’re flying out today! Just waiting for our airport transport (Leah’s mom) and then we’ll on our way to the airport… where we will sit until the flight takes off at 1pm – we have to check in our luggage by 11am – and the wait.

So yeah. We’re hanging out at the airport for a while.

However, we both have our own regular handwritten journals and a plethora of other things to keep us entertained until then. Does the airport have free WiFi?

These last few months have been really, really awesome. We actually decided to have some form of a social life with the network of people on Yelp.com, AND we even like a good number of them. Sure we love each other but come on, how is anyone else going to know how great we are unless we hang out with them so we can let them know?!

My job has been super great. Leah’s job has been super great. Our pets (One-Two and Three-Four) are wild and crazy and loving as always! None of that hiding in the closet stuff, they’re right on top of you no matter who you are.

Our next apartment is getting redone, and Leah’s starting her Master’s program this August. I’m finally gonna graduate with my Finance degree next year in the spring and ummmm… everything else is just still coming at us. It’s kind of like all of the dreary/boring/hard times last year are behind us and 2008 is just being totally, totally awesome.

We hope that you can all come to our China-SlideShow Party in July at our new place.

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