This is a fake smile. Well, not really a fake one – but you know, I can’t ever ‘smile’ for the camera, so I have to start fake laughing – otherwise it won’t look right. Photo taken this morning in um, you know, our um, set – our dining room. I know. If you checked our […]

From Here On Out

Hello! How are you? Well, according to the counter, we have 52 days until our wedding. Plenty of time to finish getting ready I suppose. Plenty of time to blog too. So. How about we blog everyday until then. Sounds awesome. Especially considering the relative hiatus that we’ve been on. Especially considering that you would […]

A Thin Dark Waltz

Posted this to my facebook a few days ago – but I’m out of any other material right now so it’s getting posted here also. I’m just been having trouble making anything – aside from the fact that we haven’t really left the apartment too often lately (except for food from Willy’s – those burritos […]

Repeatedly Leaping

On a completely different note – and because I have to make sure that I don’t always use photos/videos that match my written posts – here’s the trailer for this movie. It’s Korean and it’s awesome – a little slow though, so don’t go into it thinking it’s completely action packed – because it’s that […]


BeatWatch – Running Out of Time from BeatWatch on Vimeo. One of the things I bought after Christmas (with the gifted money) was the Four-Disc Collector’s Edition of Blade Runner. Now, I know that to some people it’s a slow movie – but it moves at the pace that nearly ALL noir films move, so […]

More News Later

Nothing too insightful today – big concerns are happening so just this video right now. Me eating bits of frog at a restaurant mid-way up the mountain at the Lonji Rice Terraces – not quite sure if they just buy bags of assorted frog parts and throw them into the stir-fry, but it did seem […]