This is a fake smile. Well, not really a fake one – but you know, I can’t ever ‘smile’ for the camera, so I have to start fake laughing – otherwise it won’t look right. Photo taken this morning in um, you know, our um, set – our dining room. I know. If you checked ourRead more

From Here On Out

Hello! How are you? Well, according to the counter, we have 52 days until our wedding. Plenty of time to finish getting ready I suppose. Plenty of time to blog too. So. How about we blog everyday until then. Sounds awesome. Especially considering the relative hiatus that we’ve been on. Especially considering that you wouldRead more

A Thin Dark Waltz

Posted this to my facebook a few days ago – but I’m out of any other material right now so it’s getting posted here also. I’m just been having trouble making anything – aside from the fact that we haven’t really left the apartment too often lately (except for food from Willy’s – those burritosRead more

Repeatedly Leaping

On a completely different note – and because I have to make sure that I don’t always use photos/videos that match my written posts – here’s the trailer for this movie. It’s Korean and it’s awesome – a little slow though, so don’t go into it thinking it’s completely action packed – because it’s thatRead more