Posted this to my facebook a few days ago – but I’m out of any other material right now so it’s getting posted here also.

I’m just been having trouble making anything – aside from the fact that we haven’t really left the apartment too often lately (except for food from Willy’s – those burritos are so good.) I’ve taken more than enough video of general random things from every single excursion we’ve taken, whether dinner or lunch with friends or just a trip to the store. I mean – how many music video montages can I make? 50. Apparently I can make at least 50 – because that’s how many I’ve made.

Oh. So I finished a screenplay for a short film. I’ve let it digest in my head for a while and new bits and pieces are continually coming up and it’s slowly growing from 8 minutes to roughly 20 now – and that’s cool I suppose. Still. Taking the baby steps that we’re taking – it should be interesting. But clearly, this is my new current side project until my next one – and even then, I’m hoping to carry out this one since it’s taken up considerable space in my head for a few months now.

Picking up a green screen today for testing and checking out the feasibility of some of our special fx shots – I know! ha, our short film will actually have special effects + gallons of blood. I know, you’re probably already thinking about how awesome this is all going to be. Way Awesome.

We’re gonna shoot scenes for a trailer first – since we’ll be able to knock that out in a day – and then maybe if that comes out well enough – some other people will want to join in on the project. So we’ll see how that trailer goes.

Hey, less than 60 days until we get married. Crazy.Awesome.