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Beth + Wade | Maine Wedding Preview

– Posted by Mark It’s late as I write this. I just got back today from a long wedding weekend in Miami, Florida – and I realized that I hadn’t properly posted a proper preview of this wedding that took place in the small town of Bethel, Maine a few weeks ago. In fact – […]

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Getting Used to Things

– Posted by Mark As much as I would like to believe that I’m an old ‘pro’ at this whole ‘working while traveling’ or ‘telecommuting’ (does anyone even use that term anymore?) – I haven’t really had to do it that often. Sure, back at home in Atlanta I spend a lot of time in […]

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Studio Session with Season SiX

– Posted by Mark I think at the end of every Intern Season, there is a moment where the ‘graduating’ intern comes to realize that everything we do around here – isn’t a magical miracle. Of course – we try to present that to everyone who’s on the outside looking in. In reality – everything […]

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Weddings by LeahAndMark 100% Guaranteed

We’re about to go on a string of weddings spread out all over the country. In the next few weeks we’ll be going to California, Maine, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey and of course we even have a few weddings here in Georgia. Two years ago when we started photographing weddings, we […]


Year One (or Two)

– Posted by Mark It’s August. That means it’s been one year since I left my day job (Computer IT Stuff!) and two years since I picked up my Nikon D40 and started shooting. August is kind of a big deal around here – not only because it’s the anniversary of our business, but also […]