Interns Wanted | Season Six (6)

Leah and I need help. We’re fortunate that our clients not only took an initial chance on us – but that they keep coming back and referring their friends to us. It’s a great problem to have – but we’re busy. Really. Busy. So busy in fact that we’ve decided that we need help. We […]

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Denise + Thomas | Engagement Session Preview

– Posted by Mark This is Denise & Thomas. They found us through one of our write-ups on A Practical Wedding last year, and I’m photographing their wedding in a few months with Alumni Intern Jenna. This is also Newark, New Jersey. You know – except for the part where I had to spend the […]

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Old Car City by +Debra

– Posted by +Debra My lovely sister moved to South Korea last year, to teach English, explore SE Asia, and eat Korean BBQ till she couldn’t stand it. She also went to evolve, grow, learn, and become a fuller happier person. Now she didn’t need to move all the way to Korea to do that…well […]

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Junkyard Session Two

– Posted by Mark This past Saturday we went to a classic car junkyard that was spread out on 50 acres in the Georgia woods. We had come here before with the Season 4 Interns – but this time I decided to open it up to more people! So we put it out there on Facebook […]

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LeahAndMark.com Booklist

So. We have a reading list. Or rather – a suggested reading list. Kind of. If you’re new to these parts – we have Interns. Every three months we take on 6-8 new photography interns. We also hold a photography business/marketing workshop for them. See. In that workshop we tell them everything we’ve learned and […]