If you’re new to things here at LeahAndMark.com – we do more than just photograph weddings, or family portraits, or anime conventions. We also have a photography internship. We think it’s hands down the best around, in real life or on the internets. Each term last three months – and we ask for a crazy amount of commitment. It’s completely free and unpaid – and you’ll work much harder than you would for a weekend workshop or any of those internships where they actually charge you (what?!)

This video gives you some idea of the things we do during the internship – and how many people have participated so far.


We’ll be accepting applications for our May-June-July session starting on Monday April 18th. The deadline is that Friday, April 22nd at 12pm noon. First cuts will be made that day and if you make it past the first round, you will receive an email that evening with the second round application. To find out more information and read reviews of our Internship – Click Here.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you on April 18th.



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