Wednesday by Leah: Treasure Boxes

I love watching BabyRoX explore the world. It’s so fascinating to me how he engages with each new object, how he explores textures and tastes and functionality. I love giving him simple toys and watching how he chooses to use them (as opposed to loud, plastic toys that buzz and beep and play 5 different […]


Adventure Awaits | Alex & Brett

One of the greatest compliments a photographer can ever receive is a recommendation. It’s huge, really. To go out on a limb and vouch for someone, with enough faith in someone’s talent or ability and about something so personal as art, is just awesome… and humbling. I’ve been lucky enough, in my journey as a […]


Wednesday by Leah: Cloth Diapering

I’m often asked questions about cloth diapering. There is TONS of information online about the various cloth diapering options, and it can definitely be overwhelming. What works for our family might not be the best option for yours, but I’m going to do a post on what I’ve learned and the kinds of diapers we […]


Wednesday by Leah: Finding our Rhythm

I am not a very scheduled/routine type of person. I find routines very boring. Other than my morning coffee, there isn’t anything about my day that is routine. Sometimes I shower in the morning, sometimes at night. Sometimes at 2 pm. Some days I do yoga, other days I go swimming. I usually eat around […]


Wednesday by Leah: Anniversary!

Today marks 3 years of marriage for me and Mark! And the first Friday of this month was our 7th year together. When I look back over our relationship, I can’t believe that I was just 23 when we met. I wasn’t thinking about marriage then. Mark was just supposed to be a guy I […]


To My Son | Wednesday by Leah

To my dear son, Thank you for making me a mother. Not just any mother, but YOUR mother. For you are a radiant and joyful being, serious yet happy, intense but filled with light. You take my face in your tiny hands and stare so deeply into my eyes… focused, probing. I wonder what you […]