To my dear son,

Thank you for making me a mother. Not just any mother, but YOUR mother. For you are a radiant and joyful being, serious yet happy, intense but filled with light. You take my face in your tiny hands and stare so deeply into my eyes… focused, probing. I wonder what you see there. And then you break into a smile so huge (and toothless!)that I wonder if your look of intense concentration was just a figment of my imagination. How do you switch so quickly from seriousness to levity? Perhaps one day you will tell me.

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This is an imperfect world, and as you begin to encounter some of the harsh and painful aspects of it, I hope your seriousness will allow you to give each issue, each feeling, due consideration. And I hope your levity will help you continually find the joy of this world, to shine light into the darkness.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

I love you with a fierceness that scares me at times, and I will use that ferocity to fuel my efforts to make this world a happier and more just place. I will be your protector, your biggest champion, your most adoring fan, and hopefully one of your best and most favorite teachers. I will listen. I will ask questions. And sometimes I will talk too much and sometimes you will humor me and sometimes you will let me know that you have your own answers and I need to trust you.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

We will have grand adventures and more ordinary ones, but I promise that each day will be an adventure.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

One day you will not need me so much, and I will be enormously proud and incredibly sad at the same time, and I hope that I will smile and wave you on your way and I hope you will remember to look back and blow me a kiss, to call and write and visit, because at this very moment I cannot imagine a single day without your sweet face greeting me, your tiny hands cupping my cheeks, your serious eyes staring into mine, and your smile lighting up my world.

Atlanta Photographers | Wednesday by Leah | Parenting

Love you always and then some,

Your mother

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment, Leah. I feel the very same way about my girls and it will NEVER change. Happy Mothers Day!

  2. I love you Leah. I love how you frame these thoughts so beautifully.

  3. just a beautiful thing to have read. something to treasure for a long time.

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