Santa Claus is Coming to Town! | + Debra

Posted by + Debra Having a kid makes Christmas a totally different celebration that it used to be when I was a “non-mom”.  Last year when I was pregnant I wanted a real tree, bought decorations, and we decorated for the first time ever.  My fiance chalked it up to hormones.  Before that, christmas lights […]

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Couples Session | LeahAndMark.com

Mackenzie & Trever | Portraits by LeahAndMark

– Posted by Mark This December is wildly different from last December. Last year we were in running around Nepal, photographing everything we saw. This December… we have the BabyRoX and we’re working on a few other areas of the website and of course editing photos. Which means that I haven’t been shooting nearly as […]

AIA Fashion Show | Debra Edgar | Art Institute Atlanta | Revolution | Defoors Center | LeahAndMark.com

Revolution | Atlanta Art Institute Fashion Show | + Debra

– Posted by + Debra Is it just me, or does everybody have a camera? It’s astonishing to me when I shoot events just how many people have cameras.  There are cameras in our phones, in our iPads, touchpads, laptops, and point and shoots. There are cameras in our jacket pockets, our purses.  There are […]