Since the Internship | Alumni Intern Whitney

Apply for Season [Gold Lion] of our Photography Internship Here. – Posted by Alumni Intern Whitney Hey everyone! Remember me? I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been up to since my internship (Season 4!), so I’m going to tell you! I’ve done a lot of traveling, 4 countries and what seems like […]

Going Home | +Jo

::Photo and text by +Jo:: I’ve mentioned before I only go home once a year. It also says on my bio page that my parents are two of my closest friends. So why do I travel to Arkansas one time out of the 365 days of a year?         The habit started […]


Santa Claus is Coming to Town! | + Debra

Posted by + Debra Having a kid makes Christmas a totally different celebration that it used to be when I was a “non-mom”.  Last year when I was pregnant I wanted a real tree, bought decorations, and we decorated for the first time ever.  My fiance chalked it up to hormones.  Before that, christmas lights […]

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Wednesday by Leah | Giving Birth Thoughts

– Posted by Leah First, go read +Jo’s blog post about the birth she photographed last week. And grab some tissues. Then come back here! Back?  Ok. How awesome was that?  I am a birth story junkie… and Jo is a great writer and photographer. Woohoo! Now I’m going to talk more about my own birth. […]

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Wednesday by Leah: Motherhood

– Posted by Leah Wow, so I’m really and truly somebody’s mother now. A month ago I was in labor. Has it really been a month? Jonah will be 4 weeks tomorrow! Mark and I are so very lucky to have such a healthy, amazing son. Jonah is the sweetest little guy ever. It’s been so […]

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Lindsay + Chance | Wedding Preview

– Posted by Mark Since our last wedding was this past Saturday, I’ve a little bit of time to catch up with all of the editing. We had a wedding practically every weekend from the beginning of August until last weekend, and along with the interns, family portraits and well, BabyRoX – finding time to […]