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One of those Weeks {+jo}

  {text and images by +jo} A lot comes to my mind right now. I think an 18-wheeler ran me over while I was asleep. I’m that tried right now. But that’s my own fault and I need to keep working. The lyrics “I’m on the edge of glory and I’m hanging on a moment […]

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Introducing | Season [SeVen]

After two weeks of Intern Applications, and then a crazy 36 hours for the 2nd round Applications – we finally arrived with our list of 8 interns… which turned into 7 interns – which is completely appropriate since this is the Seventh Season of our Internship. We also moved into a new studio space at […]

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Sunny South Africa | The Karoo Desert | +Debra

Posted by +Debra  After leaving Kruger National Park we began driving through the country down towards the Cape.  It was about 3 days of driving, stopping the first 2 nights in various cities.  My siblings and I opted to journey the scenic way to give ourselves an opportunity to experience and see the awesome diversity […]


Wednesday by Leah: Awkward

– Posted by Leah There was a wonderfully beautiful post on Offbeat Mama the other day – one that resonated with me on several levels – as an adoptee, as a parent, and as a person who loves to ponder the intricacies of identity, of transitions, and of family. One quote in particular has been bouncing […]