So you’re planning a wedding and now you’re wondering how to pick a wedding photographer! I mean – how do you pick one? Obviously – first by looking at their photos. Simple right? Usually. Mostly. Usually. Well – you want to look at their portfolio, but not only their portfolio. Because portfolios are a small selection of their overall work. You need more information. You need more photos. You kind of need to know more of everything about any potential wedding photographers.

How to pick a wedding photographer

  1. Review their wedding portfolio
  2. Read their bios, any other text or words they write
  3. Try to get a feel for them as a person/their attitude
  4. See if that sounds like someone you’d like to hangout with 
  5. Ask to view a full wedding gallery 
  6. Ask to meet in person (if possible)
  7. Pay attention to how friendly they are to any request you make
  8. See how flexible they are when it comes to your needs

That looks like a lot to do right? I mean – that’s a whole bullet point numbered list of things to do. Of course – you’re going to be spending thousands of dollars for a person who’s going to be making some of the most important photos from your wedding day – so yeah… it’s worth taking the time to make sure they’re THE RIGHT PERSON(s). Right? Probably. ha. J/K. RIGHT!

Honestly there are Sooooooooooooo many wedding photographers that you can have your pick and there are 3 other perfectly great ones waiting in the wings. So it comes down to who you feel comfortable hanging out with for 8-10 hours on your wedding day, and who you trust to make those valuable images. You don’t want to hire someone you don’t like. I mean – that sounds obvious but… it needs to be said. Just so we’re clear – because you’re wedding photographer won’t want to be there if you don’t want them to be there. Again – I know that sounds obvious buuuuuuut.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers

We’re pretty selective about which clients we work with – and you should be very selective with which vendors you hire for your wedding day. It’s important. Of course – so is price – but you can generally find people in your budget, that are friendly, and will do a great job. They’re out there. We’re out there. I promise.

We’re Atlanta wedding photographers – but we travel everywhere (duh) – and we feel like we HAVE traveled everywhere (at least a lot of everywhere.) One of our strengths was being able to be dropped in a new space/venue/situation and just… make amazing. Bags full of amazing from any wedding day. Not just the Pinterest perfect looking wedding days – but any wedding day. Well – we like to say that as long as you and your partner… love each other on your wedding day – then we’ll take care of the rest. It really is that easy.

Because you’re hiring a wedding photographer so that they TAKE CARE OF THE PHOTOS. In the same way you’re hiring a caterer to just TAKE CARE OF THE FOOD. Right? Of course we’re open to collaboration with you and running through all of your ideas (we’re not the type of artists that don’t care about your opinion and only care about our art) – but other than your input – we’ll take care of EVERYTHING ELSE when it comes to your wedding photographer. It’s our job right? RIGHT.

I guess – my advice to you is – find a wedding photographer that works with you more than works for you or against you. You’re a team. 

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