Hi we’re Leah and Mark of Atlanta, Ga. We’ve been wedding photographers for over a decade; covering weddings all over the state of Georgia, but also all around the country and yes, internationally a few times as well. In fact, we used to specialize in destination wedding photography until we decided to focus on weddings closer to home. By closer we generally mean within the state of Georgia or nearby states. Still, every now and then we do enjoy traveling to wherever someone’s having a wedding, even if it’s not within a few hours drive.

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We only accept a few weddings a year at this time. In the past we took on ALL OF THEM. Well, it seemed like all of them when we were photographing a literal 50+ weddings a year. It was fun, and great, but it was also a lot more than what we’re looking for now. First and foremost, we want to work with good people. If you go through this website a bit, you’ll easily discover that in 2018 I nearly died from a rough flare up of my autoimmune disease (dermatomyositis). 

But I didn’t die. And I’m BACK. And we’d love to be your wedding photographers.

You want to work with great wedding vendors (duh). We want to work with great couples. If you’ve found your way here to our little website, and are thinking about us being there for you – let’s do that. Let’s talk. Let’s figure things out. Let’s see if we want to hangout for 8-10 hours on your wedding day. 

We do have one rule (well, a few but this is our main one) – Don’t Be F*ckers. It’s super simple and we understand A LOT of things. It’s cool. We totally get it if you’re stressed and things are going haywire and and and – ha – at least if you hire us – your photography will be TOTALLY taken care of, and you won’t have to worry at all about that part of your wedding. But we’ll also take care of you. Promise. All the way from when we start talking, to after you get your finished wedding photos from us. 

My near dying experience last year has left me with… I just want to say that I… would be honored if you chose us to be there at your wedding, photographing all the things. Thank you.

We work with clients of all budgets while our starting prices for full wedding coverage is in the area of $2,000. That’s actual full wedding coverage, not like 4 hours on a Tuesday morning. No tricks, no games, let’s just work together like good people.

This is super easy. You can fill out this form – or text me at 518-945-0724
I’ll respond to you as soon as I can. Maybe even within 5 minutes (I mean, if it’s like 2am my time, I probably won’t respond in 5 minutes, but you never know….)

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