Social Goat Wedding Venue & Bed and Breakfast. We recently photographed a wedding at the Social Goat Bed & Breakfast and you know what? It was kind of amazing. No really – amazing. And comfortable. And relaxed. And exactly the way the couple wanted their wedding to be. What else is that I had no idea the Social Goat even existed until recently – and I literally lived just around the corner from it. It’s just south of Grant Park (and by just South I don’t mean like the next town south, I mean I think it still counts as being IN the Grant Park neighborhood.)

The Social Goat, Wedding Venue, Atlanta, Grant Park, Small, Affordable, Bed & Breakfast

The Social Goat Atlanta Wedding Venue

Right. The Social Goat is a large house that serves as a bed & breakfast and also has a large ceremony space in the backyard. Perfect for a backyard wedding if you don’t have friends with decent backyards, or you don’t have one of your own. Cool huh? 

The Social Goat, Wedding Venue, Atlanta, Grant Park, Small, Affordable, Bed & Breakfast

Social Goat Wedding Venue in Atlanta

And it’s just nestled in Grant Park and easy. Oh and plenty of room for you to get ready, and your wedding party to get ready, and your guests to have fun. Oh and not only that – but the grounds are well kept with a bit of quirk and uniqueness – so your photographer will have plenty to work with. And you’ll look amazing in your photos. Trust us. You will!

Social Goat wedding venue in Atlanta, Ga.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers LeahAndMark & Co.

The great thing about weddings at the Social Goat is that after you’re done – you’re right in the middle of town and can get to… anywhere else you’d like to get to and party, or sleep or…………. ha. Well – hangout with your people. Because it’s your wedding and you CAN do what you want. Whether that’s just relaxing and spending time with the people most important to you – OR going ALL OUT AND DOING THAT PARTY THING.


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