Decatur Square Wedding – There is something to be said about choosing to have a smaller, more intimate wedding near Decatur Square in downtown Decatur, Ga. Sometimes you don’t want or need a venue that can hold 200 guests. Sometimes you just want a more relaxed atmosphere without all of the usual trappings of a WEDDING. Sometimes. And even then – you might want a small wedding but you still want it to feel like a wedding and not just a party or random dinner. You know what we mean?

Decatur Square Wedding in Downtown Decatur, Ga.

So you figure out what that compromise looks like to you and your partner. A great option that we recently photographed was this wedding that took place at the Iberian Pig restaurant right on Decatur Square in downtown Decatur, Ga. The couple confirmed the complete upper loft level for their ceremony and their guests. It was a simple and easy ceremony – and once that was over with – they got on with the  evening and enjoying their time with all of their friends and family that were in attendance. It was almost… too easy I suppose. But it was just right and perfect for them. And that’s really what we always hope for our couples. We want you to have the wedding that’s perfect for you

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Iberian Pig Wedding in Decatur, Ga.

Whether that does mean renting out a banquet hall, or an entire farm, or just a medium sized room in upstairs of a restaurant. Have the wedding that you want to have and then get on with enjoying your lives. Right? Right. Perfect.

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Of course – you don’t have to have your ceremony or reception at one of the restaurants. You can just have your ceremony right there in the square. Sure there will probably be a hundred people, watching from wherever they are – but for 20 minutes – you’ll be the absolute center of attention! Maybe you want that, maybe you don’t. Maybe… you don’t even have to pay. Seriously… show up, have a pop up wedding ceremony – disappear – and you didn’t have to pay $2,000 for a ceremony spot… but maybe you didn’t hear that from us 😉

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