Your wedding ceremony doesn’t have to suck.

Let’s say that again.

Your wedding ceremony won’t suck.

It’s 2017 and you are completely responsible for your wedding ceremony being however it is going to be. SO. Having said that – make it however YOU want it to be (and by ‘You’ I mean the both of you.) How do you do that? How DO you create and make a wedding ceremony that’s personal and meaningful but not boring or cold. And yes – there are cold/empty feeling wedding ceremonies. You know what I’m talking about. The kind where there ceremony sounds like wordswordswordswordswordswords kiss zzzzzzzzzz. Don’t let that be your ceremony.


How to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

So right from the start – do you want your ceremony to have a religious component? Taking it further – is your wedding ceremony essentially the ceremony of the church/religion that represents you? Great. You’re largely done. One of your main jobs in that case is to understand and learn what all is included in that traditional ceremony. If there are special prayers or customs – KNOW them and find out WHY they’re included. Your actual wedding ceremony is probably 15-30 minutes. You should care enough to know what the F*ck is being said and what you’re promising to do. I know right? Harsh? THIS IS YOUR LIFE. So YES. Pay attention.

Now – if you’re not incorporating a religious template for your ceremony then hey – you can make this thing WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Let’s say that again. Your wedding ceremony can include (and NOT include) and be anything you want it to be.

It can be funny. It can be entertaining. It can be awkward. It can be and have all the things that represent the TWO OF YOU. Are you interested in boring things? Include those boring things. Are you interested in not so boring things? Throw those in too. Do you want to promise everything and nothing to each other? Do that. Would you like to agree to be together until you’re not together? Do that too.

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How about five (5) poem readings from Dr. Suess? Okay no – don’t do that.

But if you want music and readings and more things – throw those in.

Oh yeah. Here’s a template.

  • Processional (where everyone walks in)
  • Handoff (one person is um, ‘given’ to be married over to the other person)
  • Officiant welcomes everyone
  • Officiant says some words about how meaningful marriage is
  • Officiant talks about how the people getting married are perfect for each other
  • Reading from friend/family member
  • Unity Candle
  • Unity Sand
  • Unity Knot tying thing
  • Unity Hand Binding
  • Unity Unity Unity

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  • Wine Boxing thing
  • Officiant makes some sort of joke
  • Officiant recites vows
  • Personal vows recited
  • Ring Exchange
  • KISSSSSSSSsssssss
  • Recessional (exit)

I know. That was a lot wasn’t it? Nah. It looks that way but the whole thing up there? That would’ve lasted like 20 minutes tops. Trust me. If you plan for a 15 minute ceremony – it’ll probably be done in 11. If you plan for a 20 minute ceremony it’ll finish up at 14 minutes. Everyone moves and talks fast.

Oh Yeah. One more thing. Actually – THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Don’t hold back. Don’t be cool. Be THERE. Be present and don’t hold back when it comes to professing your love for your partner during your ceremony. No one else F*CKEN matters. Your wedding ceremony is for the two of you to profess and promise your commitment to each other. That moment and those words should mean many things to you – and they should be more important than what anyone watching thinks.

Basically – make the ceremony you both want because it’s for YOU GUYS.