Let’s begin like usual – the wedding planning process, is often – flat out bonkers.

Try this short cut. Imagine it. Imagine your wedding taking place at each of these locations:

  • Beach
  • Church
  • Farm
  • Vineyard
  • National Park
  • Barn
  • Historic Mansion/Home
  • Hotel Ballroom
  • Museum

Cross off the ones that didn’t feel right at all. And if none of them felt right – that’s fine too. It’s okay. That’s why it’s just an exercise.

SO. Some questions right from the start – because this is a good starting checklist to at least identify things/venues you DON’T WANT – and maybe start painting a picture of the venue that you DO want or might want!

  • Where do you want to get married?
  • Do you want to get married where you live?
  • Or what about where either of you grew up?
  • OR – do you want a destination wedding?!

Maybe – maybe not.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Sugarboo Farms | North Georgia

More questions!

  • How many people will you need to invite?
  • How many people do you want attending? (ha! Those are different numbers!)
  • What is your budget goal?
  • What are your ‘dream’ items for your venue? (Outside? Trees? Desert? Mountains? Rivers? BEACH?!)
  • What is mandatory for your venue? (AIR CONDITIONING. Or Heating? WINDOWS! An outdoor space!?)
  • What do you want for food options? Only use their caterers? Able to pick your own?

I know – you’re planning a wedding and now you have to answer not 20, not 30 – but 167 questions just to come up with a place to HAVE THE WEDDING.

Like I said – wedding planning – bonkers.

Chattanooga Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Cloudland Station

So how about a list of venues? A small one – because even though I haven’t been to all 8,049 wedding venues in Georgia – I’ve been to a few great ones. Check a few of these out.

Oh – and maybe remember me when you’re looking for a wedding photographer okay?

Arizona Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | Navajo | Cameron Trading Post

AND… if you need more ideas – let’s talk. I can always help you out (and by always I mean… most of the time… and by most of the time I mean sometimes…)

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