So. With weddings – we take all of them seriously. Like SERIOUS serious – but really – I mean really – the couples portrait session is the part where it’s ALL. ON. ME.

Whether I have an hour or 7 minutes. It’s all on me.

Every other moment during the day is generally out of my hands – and I’m just a great photographer documenting what’s going on.

But during the portrait session – I’m the boss. It’s the portion of the day where the photos are most in my control. I’ve always told anyone that I’ve worked with (interns, 2nd shooters, assistants) – that the portrait session is where I really earn my pay. Because I shape the photos and do more to influence those photos during the portrait session than any other time of the wedding day. The couple stands where I say to stand, they literally do what I say – and it’s my job to make them feel good about it, lead them into different compositions, confuse them just enough to get them out of their heads, make them laugh enough to trust me – and still end up with a set of amazing photos.

Of course at this point I have tricks.

I have a workflow, a pattern or series of photos that I’ll run through – safe amazing and brilliant shots that I can count on – so that I’m able to stay relaxed and enable the inspiration to arrive. Or surprises. Because some of my best photos are all surprises these days. But you can’t and shouldn’t count on being ‘inspired’ when you photograph weddings for a living. It’s my JOB.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Go for the Epic Photos. Sure you need to make the modern/traditional portraits – but always aim to make the Epic Photos as well. What are those?

I suppose I’m not completely sure.

High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0002 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0003 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0004 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0005 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0006 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0007 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0008 High-Museum-Of-Art-Wedding-LeahAndMark-0009


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