Wedding Planning! For some people (crazy ones) – wedding planning is Awesome, and Fun! For many people – not so much.

Of course – it’s not that ALL wedding planning is awful – and there are definitely some areas that are just absolutely more fun than others. There’s also the fact that one person’s idea of fun is another person’s idea of torture. No matter what – it all depends on how you view the situation. Except for one thing – the cake/dessert tasting. I think EVERYONE likes that part of the wedding planning process. After surveying absolutely no people – here are five things that are the best parts of the whole wedding planning process.

1. Cake Tasting!

Come on now – it’s a totally reasonable excuse to try AS MANY CAKES AS IT TAKES to find the right one for your wedding day! Not only the type of cake but then also the design on the cake. And then when you consider the cake maker – well this could take several months of cake tastings and you ARE DEFINITELY UP TO THAT TASK.

2. Selecting Your Photographer

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | The Foundry at Puritan Mill

Other than your marriage and literally hundreds of left over ‘wedding favors’ – your photos will be the only thing you have to remember your wedding day. Selecting your photographer isn’t stressful and it’s not hard. You’re basically picking a talented person to follow you around for 10 hours to be your personal paparazzi. PERSONAL PAPARAZZI. Also – they’re going to make sure you look amazing in the photos because IT’S THEIR JOB. Unlike your jealous cousin Sally who will inevitably try to take the worst photo possible and post it to social media immediately.

3. Choosing Your Venue

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | LeahAndMark & Co. | The Foundry at Puritan Mill

Choosing your wedding venue isn’t stressful. Don’t worry – there are MANY, MANY, MANY venues out there. Sure some of them book up a year or more in advance. You know what? F*ck’em. Seriously. F*CK THEM. They’re completely booked already for the next year? That just means all those brides are going to have the same lame wedding because that place is a wedding machine. You get to pick someplace special. You can take a little more time to find the perfect venue for YOUR day and not just the last available date that no one else wanted.

(Okay I know – that’s not totally true. They’re probably already booked so much because they ARE awesome. But hey – that also just means that they weren’t the right venue for you anyway.)

4. Planning Your Honeymoon

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In the midst of planning your wedding – we HIGHLY recommend that you also start planning your honeymoon. Even if you’re not going right after your wedding. Even if you’re not going until six months after. START PLANNING YOUR HONEYMOON. Start dreaming about your perfect getaway. Don’t worry about how you’ll pay for it. Don’t worry about all the logistics. Just start planning it. It will happen. Pick someplace new. Pick an adventure. Or if you’re always going on adventures – pick someplace completely, totally, relaxing. This is arguably the best part of wedding planning! (I know it’s not ‘wedding’ planning but you don’t plan a honeymoon unless you’re planning a wedding so IT COUNTS.)

5. Letting go of it all

Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Bahamas | | Destination Wedding | Sandals Resort | Nassau

At some point – after the major things have been booked and you’re past the point of no return – everyone will start coming at you to make a billion final decisions. Go ahead and make a good effort – but then at some point – you really can just say F*ck it all and decide not to give any F*cks. Hand it off. Say whatever. Say I don’t care. Don’t say anything at all and just THROW SOMETHING – they’ll get the message and just take care of it. See? You didn’t even have to talk that time. MUAHAHAHA. The power of letting go and not giving any F*cks.