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(This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Check out Part One, Here.)

6. Don’t be afraid of expensive flowers.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re going to need LOTS OF FLOWERS. Something like five football fields worth of different flowers to cover your bouquets, your ceremony decorations, and all of the table tops for 200 guests! But something to keep in mind beyond the sheer volume of flowers you’ll need – is the visual impact that the arrangements can have. This is where some well placed peonies or cattleya orchids will have so much more impact and cover more space than a bundle or roses.

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7. Communicate with your florist. Let them know your likes and dislikes

Your floral designer needs to know BOTH what you like and don’t like. It helps if you have some idea – even if you’re not bringing a full page list, it’s always helpful to give your designer a direction to work towards. Bring photos. Showing is always better than describing what you do and don’t like.

8. Use a palette of colors and not just ONE color.

Right. Look. You might love purple. I mean LOVE PURPLE. ALL of your flowers do not have to be purple.  Your flowers don’t have to be the same color as the bridesmaids dresses or your sash, or bow ties. Flowers are a really good place you can select an accent color. Of course your floral designer will definitely be able to help you with creating a palette and giving you many options to coordinate colors.

9. Reconsider using strong smelling flowers.

You may think that it’s a brilliant idea to have flowers that smell amazing – EVERYWHERE. Unless you’re allergic. And unless you know the allergy situation for all 200 of your guests – you may want to rethink having highly aromatic flowers in the centerpieces sitting on every table.

10. Take care of your flowers – at least until you’re done with the photos!

Many flowers are delicate – so you’ll want to keep that in mind as your photographer drags you all over the property for portraits before the ceremony. Especially if it’s hot outside (like during the spring & summer) – your flowers are very likely to start wilting and won’t look their best as you walk down the aisle. Not only do you want to avoid the heat as much as possible – you’ll want to keep your flowers hydrated. So remember to put them back into water after the portrait session!


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