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First. For anyone asking “What the F*ck is a rehearsal dinner?!” - it’s a dinner/gathering that usually takes place the night before your wedding day. It’s called a ‘rehearsal dinner’ because it generally happens after your ceremony ‘rehearsal’ (you know – when you and your wedding party all ‘rehearse’ walking down the aisle and practice a run-through of the ceremony.)

So. That’s what a rehearsal dinner is – now – how is yours going to be? Right. Other than planning the actual wedding – at some point you might realize that you also have to plan this event. Of course – it can be as fancy/large/small/simple as you’d like. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – but it can be both if that’s what you want. I know what you’re saying – too many options. Too many decisions! MORE DECISIONS TO MAKE?! F*cken wedding planning!

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Why should you have a rehearsal dinner? Why can’t you just tell everyone to go away and find their own food?

Well… your wedding day is Crazy. BONKERS. You won’t really be able to spend too much time with everyone – and many of the people who don’t live nearby or traveled the furthest to be there, will arrive the day before. A rehearsal dinner is another opportunity to spend time with those people that LOVE you. LET THEM.

Feed them. Drink with them. Catch up. Take photos with them – it doesn’t matter that you’re not all as dressed up as you will be the next day – the point is that these are 2-3 relaxed hours where you can hangout with your friends & family without your amazing photographer pulling you away for yet another portrait session!

SO. What type of rehearsal dinner should have? WHAT THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES?! Yes. And we’ll go over everything in parts 2-17.

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