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After you’ve hired your wedding DJ and given them your song list demanding that they do not play any One Republic or Taylor Swift – it’s time to shut up, and let them do their job. I mean it. You’ve done your part. You did a good job of hiring theright DJ (and they did a good job of making sure you’re the right client for them) – so as far as the DJ goes… your work is done.

Let your Wedding DJ do their job. Trust them. It’s their job to know how to get a dance floor going. It’s their job to know when to play what, and when not to be an annoying emcee. It’syourjob to pick the right DJ for your wedding. Just like when you hired your photographer, or videographer – you paid good money for a competent professional rockstar DJ- now step back and let them do their jobs.

Unless they suck – then yeah – go ahead and give them a hand… but under no circumstance should you ever, EVER resort to the Electric Slide/Cha-Cha Slide/Cupid Shuffle.

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