We’ve just finished selecting our 11th group of Interns – Season [Gold Lion]

Back when we began the Internship (3 years ago!) we were basically the only one available. There were literally no other ‘photography internship programs’ – definitely none like ours. Of course there were one-on-one apprenticeships, and internships with companies (newspaper, tv, etc.) but nothing like what we set out to create. Right from the start – on our very first Intern Introduction night – we aimed high. This internship has never been only about photographers carrying our gear, shadowing us, and getting me coffee. (well – it IS about them getting me coffee but that takes A LOT of training to get right.)

Our first Intern night three years ago wasn’t a meeting, it wasn’t a sit down let’s get to know each other and ‘mingle’ or some sh*t like that. We’re photographers. Photographers photograph. As much as I like to wax poetic and talk shop – F*ck that – we’re here to make pictures. If you’re not here to take as many photos as humanly possible during the three months then you don’t need this internship. You don’t need this internship to sit at home and talk about taking photos. That very first Intern Night? – this is what I wrote the next day:

Last night was our big trampoline + fireworks + 10 interns extravaganza!… It. Was. Awesome.

With such a large group and only about 3 hours to shoot – there wasn’t much time for instruction. Here are the starter settings, adjust this for ambient light, adjust this for the strobes, and GO.

Different from other ‘classes’ or workshops – I wanted the interns to just SHOOT. One of the things that many photographers struggle with at first – is just shooting enough to really start understanding themselves, and their cameras.

At the core – we’re wedding photographers. We’re hired to drop in on people’s lives for that one special day – and make Amazing. Yes. AMAZING. Not just ‘document’ the day, not even just to ‘capture emotion’ – we’re hired to MAKE AMAZING. No matter what, no matter the conditions, and no matter how we feel – F*ck inspiration – because we’re there to work and make Amazing. So 30+ times a year we HAVE TO make Amazing. That’s not including all of the portrait sessions and other commercial gigs we take on. Want pressure? Try holding yourself to that standard. Thirty times a year you MUST MAKE AMAZING, at the drop of a hat, no matter what’s thrown at you.

I’ve written it before and it still holds true – I’m always practicing and training to be prepared for some unknown photoshoot in the future. Some photographers specialize in making one type of photo with specific conditions (same subjects, same time of day, same light, same blah blah blah) – I aim to make amazing all the time with no excuses. NO EXCUSES. Sucka.

So here we go – about to begin our 11th session. Season [Gold Lion].

Every Intern will have a bag full of Awesome by the end of these three months.

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