After a week of receiving Intern applications from literally all over the country – me, Leah and our creative director Joy sat down last night and battled it out over who be a part of our Season [X] of the Internship. I’ve written before about the entire process from our end – how we find applicants, how we look at them and what we’re looking for – and then also how with every season we’re looking for something different from the previous seasons. The applications these days are amazing, outstanding, and very difficult to turn down.

We’re about to being our 10th session, dubbed Season [X].

This is basically our 4th year in business and we’re nearly completely booked as far as weddings go. This is great! Other than for the normal reasons (not worrying as much about paying the bills) – but because it enables me to spend more time focusing on the Internship and making it better. True, Actually, and Honestly BETTER. 1,000 times Improved.

Of course – it’s not all because of me – in fact it’s mostly because we hired a creative director (Joy) to oversee and manage the logistics of the whole thing and to make sure that things happen the way they’re supposed to happen. Which in turn frees me up to teach/instruct/guide/make bad jokes. (Not that I ever held back my bad jokes.)


So we now have twelve (12) interns for the next three months. We have a course syllabus with 4 workshops!

  • Photo 101/Composition/Physicality
  • Lighting 101 / Off-Camera flash
  • Editing / Photoshop / Lightroom
  • Business/Marketing & Selling

And of course we have just as many set ‘group’ shoots in awesome locations (Junkyard, Train Museum, Secret River Spot, etc.)

Finally – with my renewed sense of purpose, and interest – we’ve turned our +Photographer program into a full-on extension of the Internship. Yeah. It’s… more than crazy what we’re doing.

What was once just something tacked onto our wedding photography business (the internship) and then something that was tacked onto that (the +photographer program) is now essentially a full-on department/component of our business. I’m giving it the focus, time, and funding that it needs in order to provide the best learning experience and environment for our Interns. Why go to so much trouble for our Interns?

Because they’re committing to working ridiculously hard with us – and so we commit to work ridiculously hard for them. It’s really that simple.

We say this is the largest photography internship in the country – and there are other ones out there – but this is hands-down the best one you could ever experience.

Let’s. GO.



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