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We just moved from a teeny tiny space to a much bigger one, to accommodate our growing business and family better. So now I have some
advice for moving house with a baby!

1. Don’t.

2. Ok, just kidding about #1. Sort of. I mean, don’t approach this
like I did and think you can do it all by yourself while taking
excellent care of your offspring. Get help! We had lots of help but I
should have asked for even more, because I only really got packing
done when someone else was watching BabyRoX.

3. Hire movers and cleaners. Soooo worth the money!!

4. Don’t think the hard work ends after moving day… Then the
unpacking begins. Time for more babysitters! And the jumperoo. And
singing silly songs to keep baby entertained. And wearing baby in the
Ergo/Moby/carrier of choice while he naps. You know, all that stuff
you had to do while trying to pack because you didn’t schedule enough
babysitters in the first place.

5. Label all the boxes!! And pack a suitcase or backpack of essentials
for the first night in the new place. It’s not fun trying to find a
favorite lovey or your toothbrush when you are exhausted and have
piles of boxes to go through. Label clearly and color code… All
green labels are baby stuff! All blue labels are bathroom stuff! Makes
it easier to ensure each box ends up in the right room for quicker

6. Take it slow. Take time to nap and play with your baby. Don’t be a
crazy stressball because baby will pick up on that.

7. Did I mention get help? Yeah. Do that.

8. Schedule a spa day after the move! Or a massage student practice
session with your brother’s girlfriend who goez to massage school.

Trust me, you’ll need it.

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