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Once – a long time ago – I was in a production of Footloose. (See photos below)

That’s where I met Nicole (she’s the one on my left in the photo above.)

Amazingly… that production of Footloose was about… 10 years ago – and then last week – we flew back to Arizona to photograph Nicole’s wedding! A lot has changed – but Nicole is still Full. Of. Awesome.

So it was really great to meet her now-husband, Shane – who amazingly, is also pretty Full. Of. Awesome. himself.

Of course – the day was pretty crazy and exciting (as it should be!) and one of the best moments is when Nicole grabbed the mic from the DJ near the end the reception – and thanked nearly every single person in the room – with everyone watching and listening and laughing. You’ll notice in these photos that this wedding was definitely not your average plain vanilla wedding. Star Wars figures as both the center pieces AND the boutonnières! Parasols! Converse sneakers worn by the entire wedding party! Kung Fu Moves (well – I provided those) and a whole side of the family that traveled in from Chattanooga, Tennessee (2 hours from Atlanta!)

Nicole & Shane – in case you need a little reminding, You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you.

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  1. love love LOVE this! Thanks for the sneak peek Mark! Cant wait to seeeee the ressttt!

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