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This is Anna & Michael. Their wedding took place at the Roswell River Landing. We’ve been there before for Emily & Scot’s wedding – and part of the trick is to always make different photos. Specifically, not doing the same poses, over and over again – especially at the same locations. That’s an easy cop-out for any wedding photographer and honestly, if you see the exact same photos with different people week after week from any wedding photographer… seriously consider moving on. (Of course – that makes things much more difficult for us as well – because hey, new poses aren’t always easy ya know?)

Paper cranes? Anna made all of them. And she made A LOT of them. Almost a billion.

Okay – not a billion – but A LOT.

As usual – I brought a team with me – this time consisting of +Laura and Intern Jina. Hey – someone’s gotta carry my coffee right? Just kidding! (um, kind of?) One of the benefits of being an Intern RIGHT NOW is that we have a wedding almost every weekend which means I’m bringing people. Last week was Wilmington, N.C., and this coming weekend is Columbia, S.C. – Traveling for weddings? We. Still. Love. It.

Anna & Michael – You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you for having us.


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    • Thanks Laura! It’s always kind of tricky – unexpected focus can go horribly wrong sometimes ya know? 🙂

  1. Mark,

    You guys did a GREAT job of capturing the magic that is Anna and Michael! We had a fantastic time watching you, Laura and Jina work within the atmosphere as we worked to encourage it. Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots!

  2. Michael and I just LOVE these photographs!!! Thank you thank you! We are so happy you were able to document our special day and can’t tell you how much we appreciate you!! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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