I talk a lot about finding your work ‘process’ to the Interns. Inspiration doesn’t come when you need it – but having the fundamental skills in place will always serve you when you need them. It’s not just about seeing a location, feeling inspired, and then making brilliant photos at your own pace. On the day of the wedding it’s about doing all of that – even when the scheduled hour of photos disappears completely – and everything is compressed down to 27 minutes for photos. It’s moving fast, directing everyone while they’re everywhere and not ruining the experience for all those involved.

Of course – that’s part of the fun.

Sure there are relaxed weddings where you have all the time in the world to take way too many portraits – and those are fun too – but it’s really fun when you pull off the difficult. I’m not saying the ‘impossible’ – but the difficult. Because nothing’s impossible with a good team and enough experience and creativity.

This past weekend I photographed Deborah & Mark’s wedding with Alumni Intern Niki and current Intern Gabriel. Let me be clear – there is a considerable benefit to having a team of photographers that I work with on a consistent basis. We trust each other – but more importantly – they trust me and my crazy half-instruction ideas. All of that off-camera lighting work we do away from weddings really came into play this weekend since there was no time to pull anyone outside for photos (natural light), and so all of the photos took place indoors – and many of them in the wine cellar – and did I mention how fast we worked?

Sure I could’ve stuck a flash on my camera’s hotshoe and just knocked out some basic looking (and boringly lit) photos – but we can always do better than that.

Although the whole day is a marathon of photography – there are times when it’s an all out sprint – and it’s awesome. I start blinking a lot. Or slowly. Or both. Something like that. All I know is that all of a sudden, every blink is like the shutter closing on my camera. Everything turns into a photo and most of the pre-planned shots fly out the window – so I make up new ones and we just go.

Although every wedding photographer will say that the bride & groom truly love each other – there are little cues that you pick up during the day that really emphasize the point. It’s easy to miss these things – especially when you’re ‘working’ – but they’re part of why Leah and I both really love photographing weddings. Oh. And the food. Just kidding. Okay… just kidding a little.

Thank you Deborah & Mark.

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  1. Awesome! I especially love the ones taken from the ground – the one with them walking down into the cellar and the one of the ceremony. Great work – as usual 🙂

  2. Just beautiful! what a stunning bride! I didn’t even realize she was pregnant until the later photos!

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