Montréal.  We loved it.  The diversity, the bi-lingualism, the buildings, the restaurants, the awesome people we met. This trip was different from most trips for us – since we both ‘worked’ the entire time we were there.

We did eventually get around to seeing some sights on the last day… (this video isn’t really 7 minutes long…)

You can walk and bike and take the metro everywhere.  You can even walk underground, through the maze of shops and pathways.  Montréal is every bit as diverse as NYC.  But the people are friendlier.  We had so many conversations with so many strangers – people we met on the street, on the metro, in a store.  We met a fantastic group of photographers.  We had dinner with an awesome CARE colleague.

We tried poutine, which is actually quite tasty.  We had Tibetan food.  Greek food.  French food.  Chinese food.  Locally-brewed beer.  Pie!  Bagels!  Ohhh, so much great food.

This was our first trip out of the country as ‘photographers’. Our main goal was to make photos that were less tourist-y and more… something else. We were practicing for our trip next month to India & Nepal. The idea isn’t to photograph things or even people necessarily… it’s more about being able to photograph what you see. We wanted a more 1st person perspective to the photos rather than a regular ‘tourist-photo’ perspective. Of course we know that we tend to visit less of the tourist spots and more of… wherever the people live and hangout.

We took pictures.  We learned.  We taught.  Nous avons parlé français.

Thanks for an incredible time, Montréal.

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5 Replies to “Montreal

  1. I am so tempted to remix Leah’s song. I’m sure I could figure out how to put a backbeat on it. 😉 Great shots, but you guys are NOT allowed to move to Montreal, Leah. lol

  2. I loved all of these shots – it made me want to travel there, or Canadia in general! 😉

  3. Oh wow. These are bad-ass. I’m curious if you asked all those people (well minus the models, of course) if you could photograph them because those are amazing candids. Usually when people know they’re being shot, they clam up and don’t look natural.

  4. WOW. These really are some amazing photos you guys! Especially liked some of the choices when it came to picking a focal point, and excellent use of “bokeh” (a term I’ve recently learned). Keep up the good work. I’m glad I don’t have any patients right now- I’ve got some time to just browse your site. Cheers!

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