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Sunny South Africa | The Cape | + Debra

Posted by + Debra Whew! So I just got home from attending the “A Practical Wedding Book Tour” in Atlanta, hosted by Young Blood Gallery and “A Wedding Day Hooray“. †I am feeling energized! It’s always a pleasure to meet funny, open minded, outspoken, and honest people. †Meg of APW is all that and a […]

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Sunny South Africa | The Karoo Desert | +Debra

Posted by +Debra †After leaving Kruger National Park we began driving through the country down towards the Cape. †It was about 3 days of driving, stopping the first 2 nights in various cities. †My siblings and I opted to journey the scenic way to give ourselves an opportunity to experience and see the awesome diversity […]

Day Four Five Six

Hey. Leah’s here now. See the photo above? Didn’t I tell you that it’s just different when she’s around? So basically I’ve been hanging around the area where we’re staying – Boudha – and the Bodhnath stupa. This morning was the first morning that Leah’s been here so I woke her up at 5am and […]

Before Dawn in Kathmandu

Even though Iím not primarily a Ďtravelí photographer Ė I at least know that if you really want to get the shots that the tourists wonít get, you have to wake up before dawn and get out there before even some of the locals start their day. Thatís a little difficult here since it seems […]