These are just a few works-in-progress…

I’ve been working on taking photos with my old point-n-shoot camera, trying to really see if I could make anything that I like. So I went around yesterday with Sarah and Intern Debra, taking photos of everything with my old Canon Powershot A570IS.

And these are some of what we got.

And then we found ourselves at DragonCon!

Now I’m always telling our interns that one of their goals should always be to get different photos from everyone else. If you’ve ever been to an anime/fantasy/comic convention then you know how difficult that can be.

Here’s a whole gallery of what DragonCon convention photos generally look like.

Our goal is to make different ones. Ones that no one else is probably going to getand it’s not really an issue of ‘gear’ – because the setup we run with can be put together for around $120 not including my camera. That’s 2 flashes, some triggers and… the willingness to make the photo (no light stands were used in these shots.) You know – stuff we want to convey to all of our interns.

So below are a few of the test shots. There is some editing work that can still be done (photoshopping out the flare reflections) – but you get the idea – plus this setup was FAST and shot in the middle of the day around 1pm.

I’m partly doing testing for how we’re going to photograph Anime Weekend Atlanta – since we’ve acquired some staff badges for our team of interns to photograph the heck out of that convention.

Our real goal is to make the best convention photos ever. EVAR. (but it’s always our goal to make the best [insert type here] photos EVAR)

So a mobile strobist cross-lighting setup is key. I’m talking human light stand mobility.

Big thank you to Debra and Sarah for helping out.

We’re driving up to Nashville today for an engagement session, and then driving back on Sunday going directly to DragonCon to photograph more people, and make different photos.

Have a great weekend – and check back next week for the rest of our DragonCon photos… we’re following the Alternate History track (steampunk!)

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