We know we’re pretty fortunate to have so much photography work – really fortunate considering how many ‘photographers’ that are out there these days. There’s a lot on the schedule for these next few weeks thru the end of March – more photo shoots, a workshop, and even a trip to Phoenix, Az. – and that means… lots and lots of photo editing. So while we don’t have any complete sets to show – here are some quick edits of our works in progress…

Family Portrait with the Swartz Family:

(remember, don’t tell anyone that I actually do like to photograph children with all of their running around craziness)

Stir It 28: a Benefit for Haiti

And then finally Zack and Rachel’s newborn baby, Adam:

(I very much like the pets participating in this photo).

Hey. It’s Monday. A week full of editing and then some more awesome photographing this upcoming weekend.