We’re going to be at the Indie Craft Experience: Holiday Shopping Spectacular 2009! next Saturday.

We’ll have a photo booth there where you can take you know, normal ‘photobooth’ photos – but we’ll also be set up for super fast portrait shots! (You and us both will see how well this works out)

But that’s the idea. Photo booth + a chance for you to test out our super fast portrait picture taking skills. Everyone gets a free .jpg file emailed to them, printable up to 4×6 size (or you know, probably a few since we’re pretty generous and not super strict about our photos – because hey, if you sat down for a few minutes it probably means that we’re friends for life now).

If you’re reading this blog post through the Facebook note – it’s probably because I tagged you – because either you, your child, or your hand/arm/back of head is in the video and I thought it’d be nice to give you a heads-up. 🙂

The main photo in this post was taken while we were on a bus just on our way to a monastery just south of Tibet proper. It was a quick snap shot taken with my point and shoot. It’s one of the first photos that I shot that made want to really go with this photography thing.

Have a great weekend.

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