Practice shot with Leah's cousin Kate - darn lens flare

We’ve been busy. I’ve been lining up actual ‘photoshoots’ with actor/models and trying out some of the new fun camera stuff I have now – mostly doing the Strobist thing with the off camera flashes – except everything I have is manual. Manual lenses, manual metering, manual flashes. I’d say I was moving pretty fast during the practice session with Leah’s cousins – seen in the photos here. I had the sun as the back/rim light and then my flash to the left or right side. Oh.

Leah's cousin Maggie and her friend - I told them to make a tough fighting pose

I’m going to a rodeo tonight – because you know, being from Arizona, I’m all about country and western – even at the same time. Although aside from the part where it’s an exploitation of animals (mostly I just don’t like the roping events.) From the looks of the arena – it’s pretty small and I think I’ll be able to stay up against the fence and get some really good shots… I don’t really have a zoom lens worth mentioning, so I’ll need to be as close as possible, but the light should be bright and I have some fast lenses in my bag.

Happy Birthday Leah! (again)

Birthdays go on forever when you have a big family.

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  1. Be careful with that "as close as possible to the fence" thing at the rodeo. I've been to more than one small rodeo where livestock ended up jumping the fence and going into the crowd. You really don't want to be in the spot they suddenly want to be in–you'd lose that fight.

  2. What? I totally thought you added that lens flare in later, because it looks way too awesome to be natural. I've been adding a lot of lens flares into my recent stuff, but if you got that naturally you should be proud, because it's absolutely perfect.

    • It's funny how that works… want lens flare, don't want lens flare… 🙂 I do like the photo lots. and thanks.

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